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Fume cupboard
Instrument introduction
It is comprehensive system engineering to build modern biochemical laboratories. During installation of all kinds of instruments and equipment as well as the supporting facilities, it is necessary to consider not only requirements for power supply, water supply, drainage, air supply and exhaust air purifying and sewage, but also security of personnel, objects and surroundings, noise, smell and comfort of visual environment, maneuverability and functionality of the equipment as well as ease for information processing. Therefore, modern biochemical laboratories must be composed of the best design and high quality equipment.
Exhaust shall be the most important function of a fume cupboard. In chemical laboratories, there may be various harmful gases, bad smell, moisture and inflammable, explosive and corrosive objects generated during experiments, and in order to protect safety of users and prevent pollutants generated during experiments from spreading, it is necessary to install fume cupboard near the pollution sources; in the past, fume cupboard with a small amount of use is only used in experiments with specially harmful gases and a large amount of heat to undertake the auxiliary function of an experiment table. Recent years, due to necessity for improvement of experiment environment, experiments on tables have been gradually transferred to fume cupboards, which require the cupboards to have the functions which are most practical for use.
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