China FRP Honeycomb Panel manufacturers

Products Description
Grp honeycomb panels are compound by fiberglass and aluminum honeycomb core with PU/epoxy adhesive. The fiberglass sheet is flat, compression and impact resistance, and could be made in different colors to meet the appearance request. Core is honeycomb material, which is light weight, high strength, as well as sound and thermal insulation. So it is wisely used in marine.
Structure & Characteristics
High strength, strong rigidity, light weight, durable.
Impact adsorption.
High resist compression.
Sound and heat insulation, fire resistant.
Technical Specification
Technical Data of Honeycomb Panels
Thickness20 25mm
Facing Aluminum skin1.0mm
Backing Aluminum skin1.0mm
Weight (kg/m2)7.4 7.8
Mechanics function of complex planking and surface planking
Inertia Rectangle I(cm4/m)19.85 31.67
Measurement of cutting W(cm3/m)19 24
Hardness of complex planking. E.I(KN Cm2/m)139000 221700
Aluminum profile surface plankingAA5754A(ALMg3锛?/td>
Changeable measurement (N/mm2)70000
Tensile strength of surface planking (N/mm2)Rm鈮?20
0.2%Power of bending (N/mm2)Rp0.2鈮?30
(EN485-2:1194) Extending rateA50鈮?
Hot expanding of aluminum materials2.4mm/m100鈩? when the temperature discrepancy is 100鈩?/td>
Surface decoration layerPVDF Spray and bake paint
Luminosity (original data)30-40%
Hardness of pencilHB-F
Pith of honeycomb
Size of honeycomb1/4锛?.3mm)
Aluminum honeycomb density80kg/m3 It's about 80kg/m3.
Strength of pressure-resistant(MIL-STD-401)4N/mm2
Function of Acoustics
Data of sound absorption0.05
Indicator of sound seperating ISO717-RW23 25
Function of Heating
Data of heating guiding 锛坵/m2k)2.25 2.7
Data of heating preventing R(1/m) (m2k/w)0.0089 0.0093
Data of heating passing U(k) (w/m2k)5.59 5.575China FRP Honeycomb Panel manufacturers