China Saponin Extraction

※ Our History
Shanghai Scenic Resin Co., Ltd. is located in Shanghai Pudong Senlan Economic Park. It is a functional resin company integrating R&D, MFG, sales and service, mainly for international sales. Professor Limin WANG, one of the company founders and disciple of Chinese resin ancestor Binglin HE, has ample experience in resin MFG and R&D. The company owns a professional high-tech research and development team, with a number of world-class resin product technology and patents.
The company's MFG base is located in Bengbu City, Anhui Province. It has nearly 80,000 tons of ion exchange resin and macroporous adsorption production lines. The product quality is strictly in compliance with ISO9001 (CQC) quality system requirements and ISO14001 environmental management system. We own the US WQA certification, NSF certification, and French ACS certification.
Shanghai Scenic Resin is committed to building an international resin brand, and we are dedicated to deliver high quality products and comprehensive services to every customer.
※ Our Factory
Anhui Samsung Resin Technology Co., Ltd. is a high-tech enterprise and a technology-based private enterprise recognized by the state. Covering an area of 223 mu and an annual production capacity of 80,000 tons, it is one of the domestic research and production bases of large-scale ion exchange resin and macroporous resin. It has advanced production technology, management level and high automation level, and has a sound quality assurance system. The quality is in accordance with the ISO9001 (CQC) quality system requirements, and has reached the domestic testing standards, and has been awarded provincial and municipal awards many times. The environment of the company has met the requirements of ISO14001.
※ Our Product
Ion exchange resin, chelating resin, catalytic resin, polishing resin, food grade resin,Macroporous adsorption resin, Mixed bed special ion exchange resin.
※ Product Application
Water treatment, drug extraction, decolorization of sugar industry, hydrometallurgy, preparation of pure water and high purity water, extraction of natural products and desalination and decolorization, catalytic industry, multivalent metal ion extraction.
※ Our Certificate
ISO9001 (CQC), ISO14001, US WQA, NSF Certificate, French ACS.
※ Production Equipment
Five automated production lines: the cationic resin production line has an annual output of 50,000 cubic meters, the macroporous adsorption resin line has an annual output of 5000 cubic meters, the large pore ion exchange resin line has an annual output of 8000 cubic meters, the polishing resin line has an annual output of 5000 cubic meters, and the special resin line is 10,000 cubic meters.China Saponin Extraction