Seal Stones


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Hi!I think the seal stones drop rate is rly bad.What i mean-in catacomb of dark omens i get arround 7k-10k green seal stones from normal mob ,which is kinda low but lets say that if champion drops more seal stones the rate is ok.The problem comes when you kill champion.I killed blue champion and got 6843 green seal stones(rly bad) and the real joke come swhen i killed Epic Champion.So i fight a that champion for like 2 mins and i got 7781 green seal stone.....Can you increase the overall drop rate for seal stones and champion mobs drop on seal stones.Waiting for replay.TY


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thank you for bug report, our developer working on fix champion seal stones drop, it will be fix soon.
What about seal stones clasic drop we incerest to x12 two days ago.

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