Server Update


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Update 2.1.2020
SoA spoil fixed
MoS spoil fixed
Baylord Instance zone fixed
Incerest Champion lvl up to 80lvl
Christmas Vote Reward End
Add new uniforms
FA shop update
Min. Clan lvl 8

Update 19.12.2019
GM shop Update
FA Shop Update
Donate Shop update
Enchant Chance decrease to 63% Normal / Blessed
Max Enchant +16
Subclass max lvl 85
Blue mobs spoil are possible now
Teleport from Separator soul to Dragon valey fixed
Instncezone fixed
Item auction fixed
Some NPC Agrro range decrease
Chest Drop - anakim transformation removed
3x Knoriks add
Bot Questions fixed
Start items are possible destroy
FA are tradeble
Medal drop removed
Forgotton skills - autolearn
Chimera fixed respawn
Gem Dragons fixed respawn GPS
Dragon Knight Warrior fixed spawn
MOBs in Monastery of Silence fixed respawn time​